• Surrealism:

    is about expressing
    of ideas freely ....

    Surrealist Web Designs

    are ideally suited for designers' portfolios or websites dealing with art activities.
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    give a website a
    unique personal look ....

    Illustrated web style

    gives a human touch to a design and evokes the visitors' interest and curiosity.
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    gives the design a
    real look and feeling ....

    Photo-realistic style

    offers the visitors a composition including some real objects to look at.
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    reduces a design to
    only the most essential elements ....

    'Less is more'

    is the motto behind minimalism movement that was first stated by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

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  • Photo Background:
    creates an imposing
    visual impact on a site ....

    Photo Background Style:

    utilizes a large image used as an attention-grabbing point which leads eyes to the issue.

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    adds an extra touch
    to a website design ....

    Transparency Technique

    creates contrast, depth and adds a sense of realism to a design without weighing things down.
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    Big Typography:

    is about creating
    'more from less' ....

    Stylized Typography

    is a minimalist-oriented, eye-catching and self-contained design. Over-sized typography is by itself an image!
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    makes a design very
    unique and appealing   ....

    Typography style

    can create elegant and effective web designs without even using any images at all.

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