• Big Typography

    Big Typography

    is about creating  'more from less'.

    Stylized Typography:

    Is a minimalist-oriented, eye-catching and self-contained design. Big Typography is by itself an image!
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    Illustrations & Drawings

    grant a website a unique and personal look.

    Illustrated web style:

    Gives a human touch to a design and induces visitors' interest and curiosity.

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    Surrealism Design

    provides a way to combine multiple naturalistic objects within a scene of disarray.

    Surrealist Trend:

    Is about expressing of ideas freely, without any restriction regarding form and organization.

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    reduces a design to only the most essential items.

    'Less is More'

    is the motto behind minimalism movement that was first stated by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
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  • Photo Background

    Big Background

    creates an epic visual impact on a website.

    Big Picture style:

    Creates an attention-grabbing point that leads users' eyes to related subject matter.
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    adds an extra touch to a design without weighing things down.

    Transparency Design Technique:

    Adds a sense of realism to a web design by means of contrast and depth.
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    Photo Realism

    gives a web design a real look and feeling.

    Photo-Realistic style:

    Offers visitors a composition including some real objects to look at.

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    Retro Design

    invokes the powerful force of a nostalgic feeling.

    Retro Website Design:

    Retro- or Vintage-inspired design trend is about revealing past design trends.

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Abstract Web Style


Abstract style is about expressing emotions freely; hence, it does not show things exactly as they exist in the real world. It relies mostly on the emotions of the artist rather than exact representation of the objects. Thus, Abstract designs demonstrate a more or less departure from reality.

Similarly, abstract web design has a symbolic meaning and leaves plenty room for viewers to interpret it. An abstract design style is achieved by a combined composition of different shapes and shade of colors.