3-D Effect

Applying Three-D Effects in Web Design

Analysis & Showcase:


The purpose of 3-D web design is to create a feeling of depth. Three-D effect style is achieved through design elements like letterpress effects, creating wrap around objects, folded paper, and likewise. With the current trend of flat design, we do not see so many three dimensional elements used in web design nowadays. However, it was not so long time ago when 3-D effects were very popular. Since most websites had a flat (two dimensional) design, experiencing three dimensional effects seemed very interesting.

The main reason for downfall of 3-D effect style in recent years is due to the fact that it is hard to use the 3-D effect to enhance the user’s experience and the site’s usability. Furthermore, with so many users viewing sites on mobile devices these days, it has been difficult to see how trends are going to progress from flat design without creating extra work for developers. On the other hand, flat design does not offer many opportunities for amazing creativity. The solution might be mixing and matching styles, which leads the way forward. Recently, we are seeing web design styles where landing pages have some amazingly creative effects and the rest of the site is in the flat design fashion.

Since three dimensional web style adds an extra perspective and creativity to a layout, its usage can be still effective in web design. It can help to make the design look more unique, as well as to highlight something in particular by drawing the visitor's attention. It can bring your design to a higher level by adding a sense of depth and reality to the design. When applied properly, 3-D style can make a website more unique, impressive and memorable.











Shannon Moeller




X Prime




The Dascola Barbers








The Robot Klan








The Capitol










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