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The term collage comes from the French word coller meaning to glue. As a part of modern art, it is referred to a design work created by assembling random flat items such as photographs, newspapers, ripped paper/cardboard, paper tags, printed texts, etc. Compared to traditional websites, Collage design style websites are different, interesting and can be fun. So they deserve more attention. They are quite unique; their layout designs diverge into many avenues. They are as varied as the websites that apply them. The popularity of Collage design style has been increased over recent years, particularly by Flash designers.

Since Collage web designs can be very different from each other in terms of look and feel, there is room for a lot of individual expression through what to be included in the layout. Also, the designers have more flexibility to select from a bunch of graphical elements (like typography, patterns, images, colors, icons, etc.) to create a background. This background usually resemble a bulletin board or messy desk. To assemble different forms in order to create a new whole, the designer mostly utilizes images (and especially real-life photos) to form an interesting scene. Ideally, the best layouts are those that do not focus solely on aesthetics but instead design with content as well. In collage-styled websites, the navigation and the flow of information is usually incorporated into the scene.







Artifact Coffee




Chris Benz








Ralph Vanrentergem




Fran Fernandez




Cottonseed Oil




Sprocket House








Emilie Chollat




Serge Seidlitz




Broke Design




Busboys & Poets




Narf Stuff




Adressändring (Change of Address)








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