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We have reached the last category of our web design analyses, Modern Business design style. This web design trend is not subject to only a specific style class. As a matter of fact, web designs used by companies can fall into any style category that we have already discussed. Nevertheless, it appears that nowadays business websites, particularly those of large corporations, have a few features in common. It is a result of the recent revolution of Internet media -- hence the emergence of new advertisement concepts -- that have motivated companies, especially international giants, to follow certain rules in their website presentation. Therefore, I have assigned a special category for these web designs. I have distinguished the following common features among Business websites:

    • Simple: As our very first web style category, we discussed about Minimalism. I characterized it as the most effective and appearance wise the latest design trend. As we know, in a Minimalist layout is reduced to only the most essential elements. This is exactly the same principle that modern business, especially digital companies, have adapted in order to achieve their web advertising goals. The goal is to give the customers the vital information about the company and its products in a representative way, and also to keep them engaged by reducing peripheral design elements and avoiding eventual distractions. Apple Company is a very good example; it has been using this styling trend since the past couple of years.

    • Informative: Modern industry websites are inclined to show as much information and technical data as possible. These pieces of information include facts about the company's history, commitments, products, previous projects' references, balance statements, graphs, and other relevant comparative data.

    • Dynamic: In contrast to the past decade, almost all of the business websites are dynamic these days. Following the advancement of recent web technology, their sites are today interactive. It means that the users can easily communicate with them through such means like blogs, dynamic contact forms, and other functions.

    • Business-oriented Images: The images are efficiently used in modern business websites; they express a given activity or business. These images -- which have usually a Photo-realistic background design style -- reflect a company’s daily activities or products. Through these reminiscent visual effects, the viewer/customer becomes engaged in the layout.

  • Relevant & Simple Colors: As we know, different colors convey different feelings. Also, colors are interpreted emotionally in a certain way, hence result in different psychological propensities. For example red and orange, which are associated with intensity and encouragement, are used by food-related businesses. These colors stimulate consumers to eat more and more. Color blue -- being associated with trust, calmness and stability -- is used by many well-established organizations.



Gladz Footwear








Delibar App




Peter Nappi




Fruita Blanch




Loeffler Randal








Banana Republic








Abrams Books




Cafè Evoke




Lion's Choice




Tea Round App




Blind Barber




Buen Retiro




American Express












Votre Restaurant
















Mc Donalds




Raise The River








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