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Surrealism is an avant-garde art movement that incorporates the unusual proximity and mixture of several different elements within a single design. Being like a form of Collage design, Surrealism presents a way to combine multiple naturalistic objects within a scene of disarrangement which ends up to an image that is still recognizable but somehow confused. In other words, although a surrealist work pictures an unreal world which is beyond ordinary formal organization, it is created through an irrational and unexpected combination of very realistic images.

Looking for a melodramatic way to express the bitterness over the harshness of reality after World War I, Surrealism was started as a revolutionary cultural movement in the early 1920s. André Breton, a French writer and poet (1896-1966), is considered as the founder of Surrealist movement. The most prominent painters in this movement are Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and René Magritte.

In web design style, Surrealism is apparently about expressing of ideas freely; without any restriction regarding form, organization, imagination and following regular standards like header, footer, etc. However, on second thought, there is much more to it. As far as the target users are concerned, applying Surrealism in web design is not an easy job. There is the risk that message would not get crossed to the users. It is essential to use a delicate choice of color and shape to create a surrealist image that conveys desired message to users. Therefore, designers need to master this philosophy in order to be successful. Surrealist web designs are ideally suited for designers' portfolios or websites dealing with art activities.



Mike Dascola




Safe Style




Red Monkeys




Poco People




Protect Our Waves








Kerry Miller




Tristan Eaton




OK Studios




White And Things




Creative People




Serial Cut




Pix Logix




Green Splash Design




Art 4 Web




Voodoo Priest




Ray Gun




Studio Airport




Gavin Castleton




Hugh Peachey








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