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Transparency is achieved through applying overlay techniques and variations in opacity. This style preserves the part of the image below the text so that the full image can still be seen to some extent. It creates contrast, depth and adds a sense of realism to your design without weighing things down. Transparency technique is an effective and awesome way to make text more readable when placed above images.

Transparency web design style has become a favorite trend in recent years. When properly executed, transparency can add an extra touch to your design, especially when it is combined with an interesting background. Furthermore, the overall effect will bring an extra dimension to the design. Transparency can be applied with varying degrees. Some designers utilize transparency throughout the design as a major element, while others apply it subtly only in selected areas. Furthermore, it is a good practice to employ different levels of transparency in different areas of the layout in order to make some texts/objects stands out from the rest.

Transparency not only results in stunning visual effects, but can add some extra functionality to the design as well. When it is done right, it creates a focal point that can be used to present the company, either by a logo or a message. Furthermore, it can be utilized to help the content’s text pop off a background and be highlighted. The designers greatly prefer to apply this approach to sliders when the description needs to be neatly presented. Regardless of its location and degree of application, the truth is that transparency in its prominent look is only achieved through utilizing another style (like Grid-based, Grunge, Typography, etc.) as the design’s main structure. As I see it, it is impossible to have a detailed plan for a design structure by merely having transparency element in mind.



Karin Bit Vejle




Bouquet Restaurant




FA Design








We Shoot Bottles




Bicikli Fumic`




Joy Lab








My Furiah








Blue Moon




Ultima Vez




AIF Salon




35mm Design












Capitol Couture




Cinnamon Toast








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