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Typography, being the art of type in a design, is certainly one of the most important elements in creating elegant and effective web designs. It is possible to create a stunning layout without even using any images at all. So it should tell the whole story; the importance and effectiveness of this design style. In its purest form, typography can stand alone; be the only design element utilized in creating a very simple yet wonderful website. When applied properly, typography not only results in a graceful design look, but it leads readers to go smoothly to different parts of a web page according to the hierarchy of the content. Thanks to the natural clearness and simplicity of typography design, every pure Typography web style is evidently a Minimalist web style as well.

Typography web design style originates from the I.T.S. (International Typographic Style) which is a graphic design style developed in Switzerland in the middle of 20th century. Hence, I.T.S. is known as the Swiss style as well. In Swiss design method -- which utilizes grid system and sans-serif typefaces -- the emphasis is on simplicity, readability, cleanliness and objectivity. Typography web design trend is a close relative of the Magazine design style. Through this technique, web designers and graphic artists employ words and different fonts to both decorate and inform. Since the words themselves are large and take center stage, there is left little room or need for images and other design elements. Although Typography design style can be a good choice for many industries and organizations, it becomes an effective and impressive technique in the hands of brand designers who aim to convey a specific message early in the touch point.



The Threepenny Editor








The Dissolve



Amazee Labs








Chris Thurman




Marie Guillaumet




Word It




JJR 2012




Heck House




Dan Cassaro




End Grain








Caava Design




Franz Sans








Mark Simonson








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