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Large Typography web design is a powerful technique to grab users’ attention. It’s a simple, clean and efficient design trend that relies on using big size fonts variations as the only design element. The advantage of Typography style that mentioned earlier obviously applies to Big Typography web design trend as well. On the top of that, over-sized typography contains even more stylistic features which make it a versatile design element. Big Typography style (also called stylized or large typography) is more eye-catching, self-contained and more minimalist-oriented. That is why you seldom see an image used in such a design style. Over-sized typography is by itself an image!

The objectives of oversized typography

Creating an influential visual impression is the objective of most websites. This is particularly the case for companies who are directly involved in marketing of products or activities. The key is to ensure that the message (the brand statement) gets across to the viewers right away. Utilizing stylized typography, in a simple and short advertising statement, is an effective way to achieve this goal. Large Typography sends a powerful and assertive message. Creating such a typographic design is not by any means an easy task. In fact, it can be more challenging, because you are going to create more from less. It means to extract a minimalist layout from a layout that includes much more design elements.

the origin of large typography

Big typography has its origin in print media which has been around for a long period of time — much longer than the web technology. So, all the typographical design elements that we see on websites are inspired of print media. In contrast to the last decade, today's web designers are not any longer restricted to select only web-safe fonts. It is due to the rapid development of web technology and availability of ‘CSS3 @font-face’ and other online resources like ‘Font Squirrel @font-face’, ‘Google Web Fonts’,‘@Typekit’, etc. Today, web designers have much more options to materialize their innovative visions by utilizing a wide range of web-safe typefaces.



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