Illustrations & Drawings   in Web Design

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Drawings and illustrated items can really bring a web design to life. Hand-Drawn or Illustrated web trend refers to applying design elements like large illustrated images, computer-drawn figures; or hand drawn icons, sketches and fonts.

Difference between drawing & illustration

Before further discussion on this web style, an explanation about terms drawing and illustration seems helpful. In art terminology, there is a distinction between drawing and illustration. Based on a classical definition: drawing is art, but illustration is not art. According to this argument, drawing as a Fine Art, is self-expression; a service to an artist's own pipe dream. The drawer is completely independent from outside pressure and enjoys complete freedom to do exactly what he/she has in mind. On the other hand, illustration is considered as a profession; a talented productive process that is ultimately a service for a client

Illustrations & Drawings in web design

In web design community, however, there is no such a distinction between these two terms; hence, they are interchangeably used. Illustrated and Hand-Drawn websites apply design item like illustrated/hand-drawn images, sketches and so forth. To these elements has to be naturally added watercolor effects as well. Nevertheless, I discuss it individually under Watercolor Effects web style; the same way that the other illustrated-related design layouts have been assigned to a relevant design category. Examples are web design trends that effectively utilize illustrated elements after a fashion — like Retro, Grunge, Texture/Pattern.

Pros Of Illustrated & hand-Drawn websites

Employing Illustrated and hand-drawn elements is a great approach to give a website a unique and personal look. When utilized properly, these web design elements lend both a personality and a relaxed feeling to a layout. By giving a human touch to a design, it evokes the visitor’s curiosity and engagement. Additionally, since drawing is a creative activity by definition, its integration into a website’s design is an effective way to present information to a curious audience on the web. The diversity of this design is only limited by the designer’s imagination. This style can be applied by using either hand-drawing or vector-based imagery technique. Illustrated web design has been used by many public organizations as well as businesses. Being associated with creativity and inspiration, this style is above all utilized by artists and web designers who want to present their works in portfolio layouts. In fact, the illustrations used in these websites can reflect the style of the writers or artists.



Marchand de Trucs




Pixel Wrapped





Illustrated Style



Two Years Together








Petit Mariage




Pitch Tents




Sarah Ray




Le Moderne








T. Freak




Dean Oakley




Two Fish Illustration




2 create




Absolute Bica




F. L. P.




Carbon Studio








Marie Guillaumet




Dan Cassaro




Serge Seidlitz















Str3 Tcr3  Ative











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