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Ornamental design is an assembly of ornamental items such as curving floral symbols, swirls and other elaborate nature inspired graphics. By using these items, a new whole decorative object is created. Ornamental style is an old art which was born out of the agony of the prevalent modern art in 19th century. This style of art, which was most popular during 1890 – 1910 and especially used in classic print embellishment, is referred to as Art Nouveau, fleur-de-lis (lily). This design trend is also associated with baroque style which was a popular art trend in 18th century.

Being inspired by different natural forms, ornamental art tries to create a consonant relation between different elements and natural forms. Ornamental design trend separates itself from straight lines. In contrast, it welcomes floral structures to create its own unique niche. The goal is breaking away from rigid restrictions of classical arts. In web design, this technique is utilized as background patterns and decorative borders. The style is characterized by its subtly detailed background pattern. The application of ornamental elements in web design has notably changed in recent years. Modern employment of this style is more conservative, sober and more brand oriented. Modern websites use this technique unpretentiously -- mostly as a subdued background -- to associate with the brand they are marketing. While older ornamental sites were mostly seen in portfolio websites, todays sites are prevalent among other groups as well.

If properly done, the new approach of incorporating modern style and traditional ornamental elements results in interesting layouts which give an elegant vintage feeling. Ornamental style in a sense can be seen as a sort of subdued Collage style where the ingredients are limited to curving floral elements only.

The prominent features of Ornamental design:

  • Use of flowers and fluid lines
  • Distancing itself from straight lines
  • Applying of pastel colors
  • Utilizing natural elements and everyday objects



Café Frida








Richard Hill




The Lucky Bee








Happy Time Cafe








David Smith




Cult Foo













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