• Big Typography

    Big Typography

    is about creating  'more from less'


    Stylized Typography:

    Is a minimalist-oriented, eye-catching and self-contained design. Big Typography is by itself an image!
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    Illustrations & Drawings

    grant a website a unique and personal look


    Illustrated web style:

    Gives a human touch to a design and induces visitors' interest and curiosity.

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    Surrealism Design

    provides a way to combine multiple naturalistic objects within a scene of disarray

    Surrealist Trend:

    Is about expressing of ideas freely, without any restriction regarding form and organization.

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    reduces a design to only the most essential items

    'Less is More'

    is the motto behind minimalism movement that was first stated by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
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  • Photo Background

    Big Background

    creates an epic visual impact on a website

    Big Picture style:

    Creates an attention-grabbing point that leads users' eyes to related subject matter.
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    adds an extra touch to a design without weighing things down

    Transparency Design Technique:

    Adds a sense of realism to a web design by means of contrast and depth.
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    Photo Realism

    gives a web design a real look and feeling

    Photo-Realistic style:

    Offers visitors a composition including some real objects to look at.

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    Retro Design

    invokes the powerful force of a nostalgic feeling

    Retro Website Design:

    Retro- or Vintage-inspired design trend is about revealing past design trends.

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