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Through applying natural surroundings and the integration of nature’s eye-catching elements as background image, Nature-Inspired websites creates a focal point to draw users’ attention to the importance of natural resources in our life. This technique gives the relevant websites the required flair. Because of their relevance to our everyday life, Nature-Inspired backgrounds are very appealing among both designers and users. So, we are dealing with thousands of these motifs on the web. On top of that, there are already thousands more sites that under a different web design style apply big photos as background. As I mentioned earlier, this is why nature-inspired websites are separately treated as a specific design trend.

the importance of natural inspiration

Despite the widespread emergence of web designs having emphasis on modern aspects of industrial environment, the use of nature-inspired websites have been increased in recent years. The reason behind this growing trend can be related to the popularity of the green revolution in recent years. By applying nature-inspired wide images on their websites, the companies and organization which are active in this area want to easily connect to their clients/users. Even if the products or services they sell are not connected with nature, it creates an appealing contrast in the digital internet world. The clients/users get the feeling that the company emphasizes on protecting the beauty of nature. Furthermore, these websites convey a more realistic and down-to-earth look and feel, because they look eco-friendly and organic. Nature scenes can be applied to various degrees on different places on a web page. Besides backgrounds, they can be applied for example on a header or an icon. Nature-inspired themes are most popular on environmental and green industry websites.



Araujo Estate




Stephan Siegrist








Green Woods
















Humboldt County








Barton Place




Geo Fun








TN Vacation




Trail Snapper




Black Estate




Blackberry Farm




Building Project












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