A huge curiosity for further knowledge about website design trends, sharing it with others, and love for graphic design have all been reasons behind creating this website. Our goal is to provide you with quality resources on website design styles and development. We believe that seeking out up-to-date information is a necessary step in order to keep up with this fast-growing industry.

w10-a Web Creation Tips is created, designed and developed by Abe Ekbatani. He is interested in arts and collages. Abe has has a diverse career. He has a degree in Computer Science, Business Administration (MBA), and Sociology. He began his professional career as a TV Program Producer. Since 1989, he has been working in the IT industry on some Swedish and international companies. Abe's Web design background began in 2003. He feels there is yet a lot to be learned and experienced.

Since 1985 — except the period of 1993 -- 95 when he was studying and working in San Jose, California, USA — he has been living in Stockholm, Sweden.









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