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Abstract web design is a showcase for expressing emotions freely, and thus it can be given a meaning or have no meaning at all. Since abstract design is symbolic and less descriptive, it leaves plenty room for interpretation. After all, it is about the expression of emotions through design elements which have a minimal resemblance to concrete objects in the world. Therefore, Abstract web style is an approach which is against the conventional web design methods where the elements have definable figurative appearances. This flexibility and freedom makes Abstract web design very unique and diverse. The design can be ended up as a creative and stunning artwork. Additionally, since Abstract web style is about breaking out of the box, it can be merely used as a good looking visual effect and create a stunning effect on a website. Images in abstract web designs are created through overlapping shapes and different shades of colors.

The history of Abstract design

Abstract art is an artistic movement that was founded around 1940s. It has its roots in Futurism, an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy. Abstract design is a composition of reduced versions of arbitrary common elements or forms. Abstract art does not show things exactly as they exist in the real world. It demonstrates a departure — in varying degrees — from reality; also expressing some independence from visual references in the real life. Abstract design mostly relies on the emotions of the artist rather than exact representation of the objects. Wassily Kandinsky, an influential Russian painter and art theorist (1866-1944), is recognized as a pioneer in painting pure abstract works.



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